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‘Shockingly low number’ of electric vehicle charging points at Welsh hospitals

INFORMATION acquired by the Welsh Conservatives show there are only 55 electric vehicle charging points at hospitals in Wales, despite Labour ministers’ decarbonisation agenda.

The figures, acquired via a written question by Shadow Health Minister Russell George MS, showed that hospitals across only three of the nation’s seven health boards (HBs) have these charging points, leaving North, West, and large swathes of South Wales unserved.

Cardiff & Vale HB has 18 across two sites and Gwent’s Aneurin Bevan HB has 26 across three sites, with half for staff, half for visitors and patients. Powys HB has five at both Brecon and Machynlleth for patients and visitors, with one at Bronllys.

NHS Wales’ Decarbonisation Strategic Delivery Plan 2021-2030, published two years ago, makes a few mentions of installing EV charging points but clearly has a way to go.

Commenting, Welsh Conservative Shadow Health Minister Russell George MS said: “It is quite surprising to see how poorly Welsh hospitals are equipped to deal with the huge increase in the need for electric vehicle charging points that will come over the next decade.

“Whilst I understand it is early days for NHS Wales’ decarbonisation plan, for there to be no EV charging points in North, West, and much of South Wales demonstrates absolutely zero progress.

“Not only that, but reliable sources in my constituency have told me that the Labour minister’s answer is not even correct – there aren’t any in Machynlleth and the ones in Brecon are not available for use yet as the payment method hasn’t been installed yet – so it’s even worse than it first seems.

“Labour really need to get a grip on the situation, matching their rhetoric and deeds, ensuring that a shift to electric vehicles means that people aren’t stranded at hospitals, whether they be staff, patients, or visitors, because at the moment, they have left us totally unprepared.”