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Amateur football match abandoned after referee assault

A football game was forced to end prematurely when a referee was reportedly attacked by a coach from one of the teams, leading to the abandonment of the match.

According to Gwent Police, two men were involved in an incident on Sunday afternoon which resulted in one of them sustaining facial injuries.

The match between Tredegar Town Women and Afan Lido Ladies was cancelled due to reports that a member of the Afan Lido coaching staff was given a red card.

The South Wales Football Association has stated that they are “aware of an alleged assault”.

Afan Lido Ladies FC has stated that they are collaborating with the SWFA’s investigation but have no additional comments to make at this time.

Football Association of Wales (FAW) chief executive Noel Mooney stated he was “aware of the incident”.

“The protection and support of our match officials must always be at the forefront of our thinking… no ref, no game.”

The SWFA said: “In accordance with FAW regulations, the alleged perpetrator has been suspended from all aspects of football pending a full hearing. We cannot make any further comment at this time.”

Chairman of Tredegar Town Andrew Evans said this behaviour “can’t be condoned in our sport at any level.”

“The sport needs referees, but who in their right mind would want to officiate when things like this occur?”

Afan Lido FC, which represents the men’s teams, said they were “not affiliated in any way” to Afan Lido Ladies FC.

They said: “Afan Lido FC condemns any physical or verbal abuse and disrespect towards match officials.

“We would like to wish a speedy recovery to the match official involved in today’s incident.”

Gwent Police said enquiries are ongoing and are appealing for information.