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EFL deducts three points from Wigan Athletic due to player payment failures

Wigan Athletic, who sit bottom of the Championship, have been penalised three points by the EFL for not paying player salaries in March.

The team had previously been issued a suspended penalty for a similar violation.

Wigan Athletic faced charges and penalties for violating the terms of contracts in June, July, and October 2022.

As a result, the team’s previously suspended penalty, which was agreed upon with the EFL in January, has been activated.

In addition, the club has now been charged with non-payment and non-compliance.

Abdulrahman Al-Jasmi, the owner of Wigan Athletic, will face charges of misconduct, and an independent disciplinary commission will be responsible for handling the case.

The team was already at the bottom of the table, and the immediate deduction of three points now puts them eight points behind Cardiff, who are fourth from bottom and in safety.

The English Football League (EFL) had set conditions that Wigan and Al-Jasmi were required to fulfil in order to prevent a points deduction, according to the agreed-upon decision’s terms.

One of the key terms was the payment of player salaries, as well as the deposit of 125% of anticipated player salaries into a specified club account, which did not occur in this instance.

Wigan acknowledged that they would be unable to pay salaries on time earlier this month, attributing the delays to “recent liquidity issues,” but characterised the club’s financial condition as “robust.”

Manager Shaun Maloney described the delays as a “body blow” setback for his squad, who are striving to avoid relegation from the second tier this season after winning the League One championship last year.