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MAAREE official sports bra provider for the Six Nations senior women’s squad

IN PREPARATION for their 2024 Guinness Women’s Six Nations, the Welsh Women will be supported with MAAREE’s leading sports bra technology.

In an exciting development for women’s rugby, MAAREE, the award-winning female empowerment sportswear brand, has officially partnered with the Welsh Rugby Union to become their official sports bra provider.

This landmark partnership is set to redefine support for female athletes, both on and off the field, as they head into the Guinness Women’s Six Nations Championship.

WRU Commercial and Legal Director, Rhodri Lewis, says, “We’re delighted to welcome MAAREE into the Welsh rugby family as our first ever official sports bra provider to the Welsh Rugby Union, working with our women’s national team.”

“Recognising that our elite teams need specialist support is an essential building block to success, and the partnership with MAAREE, who are award-winning, leaders in their field, will ensure our Women’s Senior squad are in the best place possible to perform as they head into the Guinness Women’s Six Nations.

“We look forward to a collaborative and successful partnership together.”

Mari Thomas-Welland, founder of MAAREE, hails from Bridgend, Wales, a detail that adds a deeply personal layer to this partnership. In her youth, Thomas-Welland had the privilege of interning at the Welsh Rugby Union for work experience.

Today, this collaboration marks a full circle moment for Thomas-Welland, marrying her past with her passion for empowering women through sport.

“Returning to work with the Wales Rugby Union, this time equipping them with our revolutionary sports bras, is a dream come true,” Thomas-Welland shares.

“It’s an honour to support the athletes of my home country in such a significant way.”

Today’s partnership announcement, just ahead of Wales’ first game in the Guinness Women’s Six Nations Championship against Scotland on March 23rd.

With MAAREE’s support, the Wales team will have an added advantage, thanks to the brand’s leading sports bra technology.

Hannah Jones, Wales captain, says, “We’ve had the opportunity to trial a variety of sports bras from MAAREE which has been brilliant. As women we all have differing requirements that impact how we’re able to perform both in training and on the pitch so being able to select products that work for us individually is fantastic.

“A well-fitted sports bra is an essential piece of kit for any elite female athlete and we’re delighted to have support from such an esteemed Welsh brand heading into our Guinness Women’s Six Nations campaign.”

MAAREE’s sports bras are not just garments; they are meticulously designed and engineered to enhance performance. Featuring the proprietary Overband® Technology, MAAREE bras are crafted to minimise upward motion, ensuring athletes can focus on the game without distraction or discomfort.

This technology is a game-changer in high-impact sports like rugby, where support and comfort can significantly impact performance.

Did you know that four out of five women are wearing the wrong size sports bra? Properly fitted bras are arguably the most important factor in a bra’s overall comfort and this has a huge influence over women’s ability to compete and exercise to their full potential.

The Wales players joined founder Mari for an in-person fitting session at the Wales Centre of Excellence earlier this year, where they were measured for the perfect sizing and given the opportunity to try MAAREE’s range of sports bras to suit their physical and playing requirements.

MAAREE offers free, unlimited, online virtual fittings with their expert fitters, which can be booked at maaree.com/fitting.

Through the partnership, each player is being supplied a range of sports bras for both their training and matchday needs. The stand-out selections were the Solidarity Sports Bra, a hybrid style that offers high-impact support and the Empower Sports Bra, a compression style bra was awarded ‘Sports Bra of the Year’ by Women’s Running in November 2023.