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Martial arts summer course

SummerCourseON August 19 to 23, Slicks Martial Arts organised a summer course in The Lord Nelson Hotel, Milford Haven.
Steven Grant, the chief instructor, taught his students kung fu, kickboxing, street defence, weapons and personal fitness whilst working on the flexibility, strength and techniques.
Steven Grant managed to demonstrate skill, compassion and dedication to achieving his 3rd degree black belt. Everybody managed to gain a new level of confidence, self-discipline and a certificate proving that they have achieved a new level of fitness by attending the course.
It also gave the students an opportunity to meet the other students from the different classes; the new students also showed quick improvements, from teambuilding to confidence building.
If you would like to know any more about Slicks Martial Arts visit www.slicksmartialarts.co.uk or if you have any questions or queries contact Steven Grant on 07596753789 or email at [email protected].