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Wrexham’s transfer strategy hinges on key signing

Following their recent promotion to League One, Wrexham’s attention now turns to shaping a squad capable of thriving in the higher tier. While Phil Parkinson’s foundation looks solid with players like Elliot Lee, Paul Mullin, and Max Cleworth ready to embrace the challenge, the looming departure of loanee Arthur Okonkwo from Arsenal poses a significant dilemma.

Okonkwo, 22, has been a standout performer for the Reds, boasting the best save percentage across England’s top four divisions, surpassing even Liverpool’s Alisson. However, with his contract set to expire at Arsenal, securing his permanent signature poses a considerable challenge for Wrexham. Nathan Salt, discussing on the Rob Ryan Red podcast, emphasised the importance of Okonkwo’s potential acquisition: “Buying Okonkwo I think would set the tone for the entire window because I think if you get him, that completely changes the wage structure…”

Wrexham’s promotion increases their chances of retaining Okonkwo, who has developed a strong bond with the club during his loan spell. While competition from higher-tier clubs looms large, Okonkwo’s familiarity with Wrexham’s setup could give them a crucial edge. The synergy he’s developed with his defensive line offers a seamless transition, a factor that could tilt the scales in Wrexham’s favour.

The responsibility now lies with club owners Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds to match Okonkwo’s wage demands, setting a precedent for their ambition in the transfer market. Not only would securing Okonkwo’s signature bolster Wrexham’s squad with a promising young talent, but it also presents an opportunity for substantial future gains, an aspect the club currently lacks.