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Tech firm calling on Welsh Government for financial support

The visionary creator behind the world’s first non-invasive wearable blood glucose sensor has reached out to the Welsh Government, seeking additional financial support to facilitate the development of Afon Technology’s “life-changing” device in its home country.

Sabih Chaudhry is calling for further financial support from the Development Bank of Walesand other investment institutions in Wales in a bid to keep the creation of the pain-free continuous blood glucose monitor in the country after receiving interest from commercial organisations around the world. 

Afon Technology has received financial support from the Welsh Government in the form of grants, but the innovative company is yet to have had any help from any other investment institutions in the country, including the Development Bank of Wales. 

This plea for extra financial support comes after the Monmouthshire-based tech firm was recently awarded the Innovation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) Award at the prestigious Wales STEM Awards 2023 for its pioneering technology in the realm of diabetes management. 

In a significant stride toward revolutionising diabetes care, the non-invasive glucose sensor created by Afon Technology is set to make life easier for people with diabetes by removing the need for needles when monitoring blood sugar levels. 

Sabih, CEO for Afon Technology, said: “We are proud to be based in Wales and would love for our technology to be hailed as ‘made in Wales’. 

“I am passionate about keeping the business in here, but we are facing difficult decisions, whereby if we are unable to secure further financial support then we will have to consider the options on the table from outside of Wales and the UK in order to secure the future of the company and the technology.” 

He added: “With additional funding support, we are poised to make history by bringing the world’s first non-invasive wearable blood glucose sensor device to life. 

“This revolutionary technology is not just a game-changer, it’s a life-changer. Our commitment to innovation and improving lives is stronger than ever, and we’re grateful for the backing that will empower us to make this ground-breaking device accessible to those who need it most.” 

Non-invasive blood glucose monitoring is the ‘holy grail’ in the world of diabetes and as of yet no one has been able to crack it. 

Currently, there are 537 million adults globally living with diabetes. Evidence has shown that the NHS spends £10 billion per year on diabetes, with NHS Wales spending £500 million each year on the condition. 

Afon Technology’s non-invasive continuous blood glucose monitoring sensor is worn on the inside of the wrist with or without a watch, and it feeds back to the user’s chosen smart device to display blood glucose data. 

Unlike the current continuous glucose monitoring devices, it will measure blood glucose levels in real-time without the need to penetrate the skin at all, making it easier to manage the condition, reducing the risk of diabetes-related complications such as heart attack, stroke, blindness, kidney failure and limb amputations. 

Companies such as Apple, Samsung and Google are rumoured to have been trying to develop non-invasive blood glucose monitoring, but so far none have been successful. Afon Technology hopes to win the race to this important milestone. 

Preliminary clinical research gives people with diabetes hope that such a device could become a reality in the near future.