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WATCH: Gareth Bale score his first ever hole-in-one!

GARETH Bale’s sports career has been nothing short of extraordinary, making him one of the most celebrated athletes in the world. In the realm of football, he has accomplished everything he had ever dreamt of. However, his talents extend beyond the football field, as showcased in this remarkable video where he demonstrates his flair for the spectacular on the golf course.

The retired former captain of the Wales national team, Bale recently participated in a pro-am tournament in America alongside some of the finest golfers in the world. During his play at the renowned Torrey Pines course in California, he achieved something he had never managed before—a hole in one.

Accompanied by his golfing buddies, the momentous occasion was captured on camera by his friend Ollie Schindler, who also provided an exceptional commentary to enhance the significance of Bale’s golfing milestone. As Bale prepares for his shot, Schindler utters the fateful words: “It’s time for a hole in one, something he’s never had before, and this is the perfect hole for it.”

With a touch of humor, Schindler exclaims as the ball soars down the course, “Hello sweetheart. Hello. Hello. OH HELLO!” (Screaming!!) “Oh my god, he did it! Wow, wow, oh my god. This is a video that will be remembered for generations. Gareth Bale, known for more than just bicycle kicks!”