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Welsh wonders set to rock Glastonbury: A melodic invasion from Wales!

WELSH music is set to reverberate through the iconic Glastonbury festival this weekend, with a lineup boasting a strong contingent of 18 Welsh acts. Among them are renowned performers such as the Manic Street Preachers, as well as Welsh language acts Gwenno, Ani Glass, and Adwaith.

Expressing her enthusiasm, Gwenllian Anthony of Adwaith shared, “We are overwhelmed but excited” at the opportunity to perform for the second time at Glastonbury. This sentiment echoes the sentiments of many Welsh artists who consider it an immense privilege to grace the festival’s renowned stages.

Huw Stephens, a respected music journalist, lauded the 38th edition of Glastonbury, recognizing it as a platform to showcase the “strength of the music scene in Wales.” The inclusion of numerous Welsh artists in the festival’s lineup attests to the vibrant musical landscape of the country.

Returning to the festival after just one year, post-punk band Adwaith from Carmarthen is thrilled to rejoin the event, having previously performed on the BBC Music Introducing Stage. Reflecting on their reinvitation, bassist Gwenllian described it as “bonkers” and recalled her ecstatic reaction upon receiving the news. “I just felt like such a rockstar,” she exclaimed, reminiscing about the jubilant moment. She added, “We didn’t expect it – it’s not often that bands play two years in a row. It’s really nice to see so many Welsh artists, especially because Welsh artists often get overlooked by big festivals. Hopefully, we’ll just get to see more and more every year.”

Another talented artist from Cardiff, Ani Glass (real name Ani Saunders), an electronic pop artist who sings in Welsh and Cornish, expressed her nervousness in anticipation of the festival. “I’ve been practicing so much because I’ve had a lot of gigs recently,” she revealed. Ani was delighted to see familiar names of fellow Welsh musicians on the festival’s lineup posters, as they had crossed paths on their musical journeys. She also commended the festival’s off-grid and solar-powered performance area, appreciating the representation of its environmental ethos. “It’s nice to have representation of the environmental aspect of festival-going because it can be quite heavy on the environment,” Ani noted. Furthermore, she expressed her happiness about performing on the same day as her sister, Gwenno, and hoped to catch each other’s sets.

Meanwhile, the Manic Street Preachers, a renowned rock band, are gearing up for their sixth appearance at Glastonbury. They are scheduled to grace The Other Stage on Saturday at 18:45 BST, showcasing their electrifying performance.

Huw Stephens, who will be covering the festival for BBC iPlayer and BBC6 Music, expressed his excitement at the abundance of Welsh talent on display. He remarked, “It’s brilliant there are so many Welsh artists on the bill, on all the various stages. It’s a really eclectic lineup every year at Glastonbury, and seeing all those various Welsh artists on there… it’s really brilliant to see.” Stephens acknowledged the life-changing and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that performing at Glastonbury represents for artists. “People dream about going to Glastonbury, but playing Glastonbury is a real achievement and exciting moment,” he emphasized. He added that the experience would be etched in their memories forever.

As the 2023 Glastonbury festival approaches, Welsh artists are poised to deliver unforgettable performances, solidifying Wales’ reputation as a hub of musical talent.