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EU elections: Brexit Party on top as Labour slumps in Wales

LABOUR’s vote slumped across Wales in the elections to the European Parliament, as the Conservatives’ share went into freefall.

The Brexit Party – as predicted – finished comfortably top of the polls for the European Parliamentary elections while Plaid Cymru finished a very strong second, beating Labour in a Welsh national vote for the first time.

The only remaining question is whether the Liberal Democrats will have enough votes to deny Labour a single MEP from Wales.

The result is the first time that Labour has failed to top a Welsh national poll.

In Pembrokeshire, The Brexit Party polled over twice as many votes as its nearest rival, Plaid Cymru, with the Liberal Democrats in third and the Labour Party in fourth. The Conservatives polled barely one-quarter of the total number of votes gained by The Brexit Party.

In Carmarthenshire, The Brexit Party topped the poll, but the race was much closer between it and Plaid Cymru and Labour in a very distant third and the Conservatives fifth behind the Greens.

In Ceredigion, Plaid topped the poll with The Brexit Party in second, and Labour a distant fifth behind the Liberal Democrats and Greens. The Conservatives polled fewer than 1,000 votes.

In Cardiff, where it holds all four parliamentary constituencies and Assembly constituency seats, Labour has finished fourth and the Conservatives a very distant sixth.

The Conservatives have polled their lowest share of the vote across the UK since the Great Reform Act of 1832.

LAB – 127,000
LIB – 113,000
PLAID – 163,000
CON – 54,000
CUK – 24,000
GREEN – 52,000
BP – 271,000

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Candidates Elected:
Nathan Lee Gill – The Brexit Party
Jill Evans – Plaid Cymru
James Freeman Wells – The Brexit Party
Jacqueline Margarete Jones – Labour