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Caravan Park’s bid to stop nightclub re-opening fails

THE APPEAL by a caravan park owner against a decision to grant a public entertainment licence for a nightclub in Penally has been dismissed.

The Queen of Clubs in Penally, known as Chequers Nightclub until 1997, is due to open soon. However, Emma Thomas, of Crackwell Holiday Park, which is next to the club, objected.

Similar issues arose when the premises opened as a private members club by The Evolution Experience, in 2003.

The nightclub and the caravan park were previously under the same ownership, but then the club owners sold it off. There were complaints over noise and traffic whenever the club had been open ever since.

The appeal case was heard at Haverfordwest Magistrates Court and a decision was reached on Thursday (Jan 30).

Emma Thomas explained that one of her main concerns was the road outside the Club and patrons walking down it at night but the owners have already said they have been looking to provide a free shuttle bus or taxi at regular intervals to take patrons safely back to Tenby.

The road situation was just a ‘fatality waiting to happen’, she said.

Representing the Council, Sally-Ann Martin told magistrates that they would need to be satisfied that the Licensing Sub Committee’s decision was wrong if they wanted to stop the club from re-opening.

Magistrates took nearly two hours to reach a decision. When they did, they said that the Police, fire safety officer and Pembrokeshire County Council’s Pollution control officer were all happy with the application. The caravan park will now have to pay £1000 in costs for the case.