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Councillor calls for reduced speed limit

A COUNTY Councillor has called for a reduced speed limit ‘before the worst happens’.

Samuel Kurtz, County Councillor for the Scleddau ward has twice written to the Welsh Government asking them to review the speed limit of the A40 through Scleddau following concerns over safety.

The current 50mph speed limit is seen as excessive by residents and Scleddau Community Council.

Cllr Kurtz said: “Safety must be of paramount importance. However, with no safe crossing area and a 50mph speed limit, families and children crossings one of Pembrokeshire’s busiest roads often put their lives in danger.

“With 40mph speed limits at Letterston and Wolfscastle, a 10mph decrease in Scleddau isn’t a large ask and would certainly improve the safety of residents and pedestrians.

“Welsh Government have been reviewing the speed limit of some 300 locations across Wales but I have again urged the Welsh Transport Minister to prioritise Scleddau before the worst happens.”