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Exciting updates to Endometriosis Cymru website

ENDOMETRIOSIS affects one in ten women, girls, and people assigned female at birth.

Research published this month by Endometriosis UK reveals that the diagnostic delay for endometriosis in Wales has now reached a shocking 9 years, 11 months.

To help improve this alarming situation, we are pleased to announce an extensive update to our website http://endometriosis.cymru including a newly digitised Symptom Reporting Tool (SRT).

Endometriosis Cymru is a unique project co-produced in Wales by academics, patients, clinicians, and designers to address the many challenges those with suspected or confirmed endometriosis encounter in healthcare and beyond.

The original Endometriosis Cymru website launched in 2021 as one of a set of a recommendations from a Welsh Government Endometriosis Task & Finish Group.

In 2023, the project received additional funding from the department of the Minister for Social Justice. This has enabled us to add more content and practical advice about topics like managing symptoms in work or education, and how to access support from specialist endometriosis nurses across Wales.

We’ve also added more stories from those with lived experience and ensured that key information is available in an ‘easy read’ format so that the site is as accessible as possible for those with diverse impairments and needs.

Alongside all of this, is the inclusion of an exciting new online Endometriosis Cymru Symptom Reporting Tool. This user-friendly, bilingual tool has been co-produced with patients and healthcare professionals and is uniquely designed to make tracking and discussing symptoms with GPs and other healthcare professionals much easier.

We invite people living with endometriosis, their friends and family, healthcare professionals, and advocates to explore the website and join the movement towards greater awareness and support for those affected by this challenging condition.

For more information about the project, please visit http://endometriosis.cymruor contact Professor Jacky Boivin or Dr Robyn Jackowich at [email protected], or via https://cfrr.org.uk/