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Facebook, Instagram and Messenger platforms crash leaving millions stranded

A SLEW of the world’s most frequented online platforms and services, including Facebook, Messenger and Instagram, have experienced a sudden and widespread outage.

As of 3 p.m. on Tuesday, 5 March 2024, UK Time, users across the globe have found themselves unable to access these sites, causing widespread disruption to communication, information retrieval, and entertainment services.

The outage, described by experts as “unprecedented” in its scope and impact, has left millions of users stranded, with businesses, educational institutions, and individuals scrambling to find alternatives. The cause of the outage remains unclear, with all companies involved currently investigating the issue and working tirelessly to restore services as quickly as possible.

Early reports suggest that the problem might stem from a significant failure in core internet infrastructure, though this has not been confirmed by any of the companies involved. Cybersecurity experts have not ruled out the possibility of a coordinated cyber-attack, given the simultaneous downfall of these platforms, but this remains speculative at this stage.

Social media platforms that remain operational have been flooded with messages from frustrated users and organisations attempting to navigate the sudden digital blackout. Many have turned to alternative messaging and email services to maintain communication lines, while businesses reliant on Google and Facebook’s services for advertising and customer engagement are particularly hard-hit.

As the situation unfolds, the tech community and the public at large are eagerly awaiting updates from the affected companies. The economic and social repercussions of this outage are expected to be significant, underscoring the reliance of modern society on digital platforms for a myriad of essential services.

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For now, users are advised to seek out alternative platforms for their immediate communication and information needs and to stay tuned for updates from the affected services. The tech industry faces a critical test in its response to this challenge, with the effectiveness of their recovery efforts likely to have lasting impacts on public trust and the future resilience of global internet infrastructure.