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Flood warnings issued for Pembrokeshire

FLOOD warnings have been issued for the tidal areas at Amroth, Newgale and Lower Town Fishguard for the high tide this evening (Wednesday, 11th March) and high tide tomorrow morning (Thursday,12th March).

These warnings are in addition to that issued for Dale which was issued yesterday (Tuesday, 10th March).

There is also a coastal flood alert for the whole of Pembrokeshire in place.

Road users are asked to note that overtopping and spraying is forecast at those locations with risks of debris on the highway.

Wisemans Bridge and Carew Bridge are likely to be impacted by these high tides.

Pembrokeshire County Council will be monitoring key locations tonight and tomorrow morning and taking action as required. Any significant updates on conditions on the road will be published on our website and social media sites as and when the information becomes available.

Members of the public are advised not to drive through floodwater and heed the advice from Natural Resources Wales which is as follows:

The winds are forecast to be Force 4 to 5 on the Beaufort Scale and from a westerly direction. Offshore waves are expected to be moderate. High tide at Milford Haven is expected to occur at approximately 7.43 pm on Wednesday, 11th March, and 8.03 am on Thursday, 12th March.  Be careful on beaches, coastal footpaths, roads, and low lying land.  Be aware sea spray and waves could be dangerous and could contain debris.