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Haverfordwest: Councillors approve amended multi-storey car park plans

COUNCILLORS have unanimously approved amended plans for the new multi-storey car park in Haverfordwest.

Among the changes are an increase in height of the new building, a change to the layout of the ramps and more family parking spaces.

The application was approved by the Planning Committee in March and delegated authority was given for the Director of Community Services to approve, once issues surrounding flood risks were resolved.

On Tuesday (Jul 26), the committee heard that those discussions with Natural Resources Wales (NRW) were still ongoing but were asked to consider the amended plans.

Among the changes is an alteration to the northern end of the multi-storey which now has a rounded-curved edge to make it safer and to prevent vehicles colliding.

That, and the addition of the wider family spaces, has resulted in 19 spaces being lost from what was approved on the previous application.

Cllr Jacob Williams said he was ‘surprised’ that the amended plans would result in 19 less spaces and added that it was a ‘big difference’.

Cllr Mark Carter added that a criticism of the old car park was that the bays were ‘quite narrow’ which could lead to cars being damaged and asked if the new application was more ‘parking friendly’.

Planning officer Mike Simmons said the new amended application was a ‘substantial improvement’ on all fronts.

Cllr Brian Hall moved the recommendation for approval and it was seconded by Cllr Carter.

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The committee also heard that details on electric vehicle charging points still needed to be submitted.

Cllr Tim Evans said the updated plans were ‘far more appealing on the eye’.

Some councillors were also concerned about the safety of the new plans following the recent fire in the current building but the planning officer said the new building was designed to be a lot safer with lighting and the potential for far more pedestrian activity.

Opposite the car park there will be an area where lorries can drop off supplies and Cllr Jacob Williams was concerned that some pedestrians could walk through that area.

The planning officer added that there would be no access to shops for pedestrians through that area and added that they could add something to prevent people from going into that area.

The plans were approved unanimously.