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Haverfordwest: Four to stand trial over town centre violence

FOUR people appeared in court on Friday (Dec 3) to be told they will stand trial over two separate violent incidents which took place in Haverfordwest on the same day.

Thomas Pindair, aged 29, of Cormorant Close, Kelly Howard, 30, of West Court, Stacey Davies, 28, of North Court, and Dean Rowlands, 29, of Barn Court, all in Haverfordwest, attended a
plea and trial preparation hearing at Swansea Crown Court.

Rowlands and Howard denied causing an affray on July 3, 2018, and Rowlands denied possessing an offensive weapon – a crowbar—in West Court.

All four denied causing an affray later the same day.

Pindair denied possessing a hammer in West Court on that occasion but he admitted assaulting Amy Hughes causing her actual bodily harm.

Rowlands denied assaulting a woman causing her grievous bodily harm with intent and a lesser charge of causing gbh but without intent, and also a charge of possessing an offensive weapon,
a metal pole.

Judge Paul Thomas told all four they would stand trial on April 27 and were granted bail meanwhile.

Pindair was told he would be sentenced for the assault after the trial.