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‘I was framed for speeding’ says pensioner as CCRC looks into his case

THE CRIMINAL Cases Review Commission is currently looking into the case of a Pembrokeshire motorist who believes that he was framed by two police officers for speeding.

Pensioner Niall Taylor, 69, was prosecuted for speeding on 22 August 2016 at around 7pm – but he is now waiting to hear if the CCRC will reffer his case to the Court of Appeal.

Despite a conviciton in the Magistrates’ Court in Haverfordwest, a failed appeal to the Crown Court in Swansea, and a failed attempt at privately prosecuting the police officers involved in the case, he has failed clear his name.

He has also approached the Police and Crime Commissioner, Assembly Members and Members of Parliament – all to no avail.

But now Mr Taylor is hoping that the CCRC will look at all the available information and finally prove once and for all that he is telling the truth about the events on the day in question.

Mr Taylor told The Herald: “Its nice that my case is finally being taken seriously. No one is above the law, not even police officers.”

In a letter to Mr Taylor, the case review manager for the CCRC wrote: “At the moment I am reading into your case, and have requested material from Swansea Crown Court.”

“At this stage I cannot say how long the review will take.

“If the case is straightforward, I may be able to pass the case to our Commissioners for a decision before the end of June.

In previous court hearings, the police have said that Mr Taylor’s version of events is not true and that he was stopped for speeding at the place and time they said.

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Niall Taylor says his car was stopped here, not on a Haverfordwest roundabout