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P-p-p-pick up a fiancée

Marriage proposal at Penguin Coast, Folly Farm.A YOUNG lady got more than she bargained for whilst taking part in a Penguin Zoo Keeper Experience at Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo on Saturday.

Jamie-Lee Jones, from Pontypridd, had just finished feeding the park’s 24 Humboldt penguins as part of the experience booked for her by her boyfriend when he went down on one knee and asked her to marry him.

Penguin-mad Jamie-Lee happily accepted in front of a delighted crowd of visitors. Boyfriend Alun Davies, also from Pontypridd, had contacted the park two weeks prior seeking their co-operation in his perfect proposal.

Alun explained his choice of venue: “Jamie-Lee’s love for penguins is beyond imaginable. She absolutely loves everything there is to love about all penguins. She has penguin toys, teddies, a miniature penguin figure which she keeps close in her purse and even to the extent of putting penguin toys in my car. She has also adopted a penguin from the Sea Life centre. She has never met a real penguin so this experience will be extremely enjoyable for her and hopefully a special day for the both of us to remember.”

Zoë Wright, Head of Marketing at Folly Farm, added: “We were thrilled when Alun approached us with his wish to propose on one of our zoo keeper experiences and were delighted to oblige. We only opened Penguin Coast this year so it’s great we’ve had our first proposal of marriage already!

“It was very brave of Alun to propose at such a public venue. I’m not sure what the penguins made it of it all but it certainly went down well with all the spectators who like Jamie-Lee got more than the penguin feed they were expecting.

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“We’d like to wish Alun and Jamie-Lee all the best for their future lives together.”?

Folly Farm is currently open daily from 10am. Weekend opening resumes on November 9. To find out more information or read the latest news, visit Folly Farm’s award-winning website at www.folly-farm.co.uk.