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Pembrokeshire launch of first young carers’ ID card

PEMBROKESHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL and Action for Children are proud to welcome the Pembrokeshire launch of the first Young Carers ID Card- part of a new national scheme to ensure that young carers get the recognition they deserve and the support that they need.

The national Young Carer I.D. Card, funded by Welsh Government, is also being simultaneously launched across Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire. This will facilitate a coordinated regional approach in supporting young carers, making it easier for them to access the help they need, when it is needed.

It is estimated that in Wales we have over 30,000 young carers, which equates to one in every twelve young people across the country. A young carer is someone that cares for a friend or family member who, due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction, cannot cope without their support.

In Pembrokeshire, Young Carer I.D. cards will be issued by Action for Children to young people up to the age of 18 who have an unpaid caring role.

The new I.D. card will give young carers a quick way to inform professionals such as teachers, pharmacists and GPs, that they have a caring responsibility. The Young Carer .I.D card therefore offers a discreet but effective way for young carers to identify themselves without having to publically share details about their caring role.

The Young Carer I.D. card will also hold additional benefits, including fantastic offers from local venues such as Scolton Manor who are currently offering a free annual car parking pass to Young Carer I.D. card holders, as well as a free hot drink from their café. Young Carers who hold a valid I.D. card can also access a six month free membership at their local leisure centre via the Passport to Leisure scheme.

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“It’s really good to have this card,” said a young carer. “It means I don’t have to explain about my home life to everyone, I can just show them my card. It will make it so much easier when I’m in school so that the teachers can help me and understand. I’m looking forward to using the discounts as well.”

Action for Children work hard to raise awareness, identify and provide direct support to children and young people who have a caring role here in Pembrokeshire. Action for Children will automatically be issuing Young Carer I.D. cards to all known young carers currently registered and engaging with them for support.

“We are proud to be implementing an ID card that will help young carers in a variety of practical ways,” said Vikki Phillips- Action for Children.

“This card will not only make the young carers lives a little easier by not having to explain their caring responsibilities, but it will also raise awareness of Young Carers within Pembrokeshire and help to identify hidden Young Carers. The ID card will also support the Young Carers and give them a sense of belonging by offering local discounts for social activities.”

Deputy Minister for Health and Social Services Julie Morgan said: “Too often the ability of a young carer to achieve and progress in their studies or have a life alongside caring is hindered because schools, health professionals and others don’t know who or what a young carer is, or how to help them. I want young carers to be able to identify themselves to others in a quick and easy way, so they can get the right help and support they need.

“It has been a particularly difficult past year, however it is so important to recognise that being a young carers is not a negative – through their role a young person can acquire a wide range of life skills; from resilience in the face of everyday pressures, to time management and the ability to focus on what’s most important.”

  • For more information on local support available for young carers, or to register for a Young Carer I.D. card, please contact Vikki at Action for Children Tel: 01437 761330 or Email: [email protected]