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Ryelands Caravan Park extension gets go-ahead from council

AN EXTENSION to Ryelands Caravan Park has been approved by Pembrokeshire County Council.
The Council’s Planning Committee met on Tuesday, May 21, to discuss the application which was approved by a clear majority.

There had been concerns about the road leading to the site and the number of pitches on site and a site visit was also asked for.
Members did not feel the need to go for a site visit and were reassured by the Council’s Interim Head of Planning that there would be no increase in number of caravans beyond what is allowed.

The applicant’s agent, Mr Andrew Vaughan-Harries, said: “The owner has had this site for the last few years. This is a touring site and times are changing, tourers are getting bigger and bigger and since taking on the site Mr Ormond has seen a demand that actually, people do not want to take their tourers with them any more.
“They love Pembrokeshire and they lease or buy a pitch from sites like this and they don’t want the hassle and difficulty of taking their tourers up, they’re getting much bigger these days you need a very big car or 4×4 to take them down the M4 so we are having a demand to stay on site and there is a certificate of lawfulness that we can have 78 pitches.
“This application doesn’t increase that number and objectors may say will this cause more highways danger, we don’t think so, it’s neutral and through the change of touring less and less people are taking their tourers along, they love Pembrokeshire and they want to stay at the site so they leave their tourers there.
“That is why the site is going to be enhanced, we will have more planting, more facilities so people want a little bit of privacy. It will be a lower density where these caravan pitches will be spread out.
“The town council are supportive but raise comments about highways but there shouldn’t be any increase.
“It’s a quality enhancement, integrating into the landscape, it’s well related to the village of Kilgetty, there is a train service, buses, shops, cafes and it’s in walkable distance of Folly Farm.
“Mr Ormond has said he will be looking to take on two part time or full time jobs and there is going to be an investment of around 100k for the meet and greet building and landscaping so there is going to be some boost to the local economy.
“This is a quality scheme and it is only going to enhance this area and tourism in Pembrokeshire.”
Objecting to the plans, Mr Byron Mansell said: “I have concerns about the lack of consultation regarding the resubmission. Myself and the owner of the fields adjacent to the caravan park have had no communication whatsoever from any of the agents or the council.
“There is 12 further caravans going against their boundary hedge which is 75m from my house. The meet and greet building will be approximately 100m from my house.
“I wish to object strongly to this planning application mainly on road safety grounds. My family have lived at Highlands for 40 years, we have seen many changes in this time. Ryelands Lane has been widened with a footpath and street lighting except when it comes to our house.
“It is a single track road and there is no room for any pedestrians and you would need to climb the hedge to allow vehicles to pass. Accidents are happening regularly and it is just a matter of time before somebody is seriously hurt.
“Whichever way you look at it there is going to be a significant increase in traffic in the lane.
“Kilgetty and Begelly Community Council are concerned about the road safety and describe this as a rural, narrow part of Ryelands Lane.
This has been the concern as far back as 1976.
“We have reached the limit on Ryelands Lane, please no more, we strongly recommend you refuse this application on road safety grounds or at least defer to allow a thorough consultation, road safety survey to be completed and we would like to request a site visit.”
Committee Chair, Cllr Jacob Williams read out a statement from the local member Cllr David Pugh who said: “Whilst I am generally in favour of the application, there is one issue concerning the access to the site which is along a short stretch of very narrow lane which is becoming notorious for accidents and near misses. The residents at the top of Ryelands Lane near the site have been complaining for some time about speeding vehicles. I and the community council have raised thses issues with the highways department who are supposed to be looking at these concerns but I have not heard anything lately.
“The report to the committee also states that no response was received from Kilgetty and Begelly Community Council but they sent in their response raising these concerns some time ago.”

There was some doubt about the number of pitches on the site and whether or not there would be an increase in 20 pitches. There was also concern that the touring caravans could be kept on the site all year round.

It was pointed out that the certificate of lawfulness did not have a limit on the number of pitches. The Council’s Interim Head of Planning, Mr David Popplewell said they would need to monitor the site to make sure it was being used as a caravan site.
Cllr Brian Hall moved the recommendation for approval and Cllr David Howlett seconded.