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Abermorddu 70 home development backed for approval despite concerns

An application was submitted in December 2022 to develop land known as the Bluebell Field in Abermorddu (Pic: Flintshire Council)

PLANS to build 70 homes near the Flintshire border with Wrexham have been backed for approval despite concerns about the impact on local services.

An application was submitted by Castle Green Homes in December 2022 to develop land known as the Bluebell Field off the A541 Wrexham Road in Abermorddu.

The proposals include a mixture of two, three and four-bedroom properties, including 21 set aside as “affordable housing”.

The developers previously said the scheme would help to meet a need for housing in the area.

However, 52 objections have been lodged against the plans due to concerns it would place an extra demand on local schools and doctor surgeries.

Issues have also been raised regarding the loss of green space and the impact on traffic in the area.

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Members of Hope Community Council are among those who have voiced their opposition to the proposals ahead of them being considered by Flintshire Council’s planning committee next week.

In a statement, the community councillors said: “Locals have historically used this field for leisure to enjoy the flora and fauna that it contains and access Hope Mountain.

“Our doctors are already finding it difficult to meet the needs of the community.

“An increase in patient number would exacerbate the already worrying situation.

“Hope Community Council strongly object to this planning application as the infrastructure in our villages can’t satisfactorily support any more properties.

“We also need to value our green spaces and historic heritage. But most of all we need to respect and protect the biodiversity of the site, not destroy the habitat of the area and increase phosphate levels that create dead spots in our river systems.”

Local county councillor Glady Healey has also objected to the plans due to drainage issues and fears it will add to parking problems near Abermorddu Primary School.

Despite the opposition, the local authority’s chief planning officer has recommended the scheme should be approved.

It comes as the site has been allocated for housing as part of Flintshire’s Local Development Plan (LDP).

In a report to councillors, Andrew Farrow said there was a need for houses which form part of they key strategic plan to move forward.

He said: “This is one of a number of housing sites that are allocated in the adopted LDP where there is a need for them to begin to deliver the housing requirement they contribute to.

“Highways development control have raised no objection to the proposal subject to suggested conditions.

“Objections have been received regarding the problems currently associated with Abermorddu Primary School and parking on the road during school drop off and pick up times.

“It is not considered that this is a matter that should weigh against the proposed development as there is no suggestion that the dwellings being proposed will in any way add to this issue, which is a pre-existing one.

“Public open space will be provided in the southern parcel of the site and is approximately 4.11 acres in size, or 16,632 square metres.”

He added that any ecological issues had been addressed by the housing company.

Mr Farrow has recommended that the proposals should be approved subject to the developer agreeing to enter into a section 106 legal agreement.

It would require the firm to pay a contribution of just under £222,000 towards improvements at Castell Alun High School in nearby Hope.

A combined total of almost £17,000 would also be needed to fund the extension of 20mph speed restrictions on the A541 and changes to parking restrictions on the road.

The application will be considered by planning committee members at a meeting on Wednesday (March 13, 2024).