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Wylfa site acquisition welcomed

CONFIRMATION that the UK Government has reached a £160m deal with Hitachi to acquire the Wylfa site and that it has a ‘vital role’ to play in the delivery of the UK’s nuclear ambitions has been welcomed.

The announcement was made by Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, during his Budget speech yesterday (March 6).

Council Leader, Councillor Llinos Medi, said, “Now that the Wylfa site will be back in direct control of the UK Government, we hope that this will lead to a firm commitment as to when a development, either at GW or SMR scale will take place. The Island’s communities, in particular those in the North, we need clarity and certainty.”

“The County Council, through its Energy Island Programme, has adopted and maintained a supportive, pro-active and collaborative position in respect of a new nuclear project at Wylfa.”

Cllr Medi added, “Through adopting the proximity principle, we recognise that this development has the potential to transform the communities of North Anglesey and beyond by providing much needed high quality and long-term job, skills and supply chain opportunities.

“However, our support is not at any cost and a development must fully respect and enhance the Island’s sense of place including its environment, culture and the Welsh language.”

Anglesey Chief Executive, Dylan Williams, said, “We remain committed to continue playing a central role and to fully engage with UK Government, Great British Nuclear, industry, Welsh Government and other key stakeholders.

“As the local authority, we have an important role to play in influencing and informing stakeholders, to ensure this development aligns with our vision to create an Anglesey that is healthy and prosperous and where people can thrive.”