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Candidates for the Ynys Môn seat: General Election 2024

As the UK prepares for the general election on July 4, 2024, the Ynys Môn constituency is seeing a competitive race with eight candidates vying for the seat. This constituency, also known as the Isle of Anglesey, is unique in that its boundaries have remained unchanged due to its protected status. The seat has seen varied political representation over the years, making this election particularly intriguing.

Candidates Standing in Ynys Môn

Virginia Crosbie (Conservative Party)
Virginia Crosbie, the incumbent MP, is running for re-election. She made history in 2019 as the first Conservative to win Ynys Môn since 1983. Her campaign focuses on continuing her work to boost local infrastructure, improve healthcare services, and support economic growth on the island. Crosbie emphasizes her track record in securing investments and her efforts to address local issues such as transport and healthcare

Ieuan Môn Williams (Labour Party)
Ieuan Môn Williams is representing the Labour Party, advocating for social justice, better public services, and environmental sustainability. Williams’s campaign highlights the need for increased funding for healthcare and education, addressing the cost-of-living crisis, and implementing green energy policies. He aims to position Labour as the party capable of bringing significant improvements to Ynys Môn

Llinos Medi (Plaid Cymru)
Llinos Medi, a prominent figure in local politics and leader of the Isle of Anglesey County Council, is the Plaid Cymru candidate. Medi’s campaign emphasizes Welsh independence, cultural preservation, and sustainable economic development. She advocates for greater local control over education and healthcare, and aims to represent the unique cultural and economic interests of Ynys Môn in Westminster

Leena Sarah Farhat (Liberal Democrats)
Leena Sarah Farhat represents the Liberal Democrats, promoting education reform, healthcare improvements, and strong environmental policies. Farhat’s campaign emphasizes the need for better educational resources, improved healthcare services, and significant actions against climate change. She focuses on community engagement and practical solutions to enhance the quality of life on the island.

Martin Schwaller (Green Party)
Martin Schwaller, the Green Party candidate, centers his campaign on environmental sustainability and social justice. Schwaller advocates for immediate action on climate change, promoting renewable energy projects, and reducing carbon emissions. His platform also includes policies for social equity, aiming to ensure fair treatment and opportunities for all citizens

Emmett Jenner (Reform UK)
Emmett Jenner from Reform UK focuses on significant reforms in immigration policies, reducing taxes, and scrapping Net Zero policies. Jenner’s campaign highlights the need for common-sense policies, protecting borders, cheaper energy, and upholding British values and free speech. He offers an alternative to the major parties, aiming to bring fresh perspectives to Ynys Môn.

Sir Grumpus L Shorticus (Official Monster Raving Loony Party)
Sir Grumpus L Shorticus, representing the Official Monster Raving Loony Party, brings a humorous and satirical approach to the election. His campaign includes whimsical and unconventional policies, aiming to inject some levity into the political process

Sam Andrew Wood (Libertarian Party)
Sam Andrew Wood is the Libertarian Party candidate, focusing on maximizing individual liberties, reducing government intervention, and promoting free-market principles. His campaign emphasizes personal freedom, lower taxes, and minimal state interference in both economic and personal matters

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Campaign Highlights and Key Issues

Key issues for Ynys Môn voters include healthcare, economic stability, environmental sustainability, and local governance. Candidates have been addressing these concerns through various campaign promises and local engagements. The election results in Ynys Môn will be pivotal in shaping its future, and voters are encouraged to participate actively in the democratic process.

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