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Boreholes to be drilled at former Conwy landfill site despite potential pollution fears

Conwy County Council

THREE boreholes will be drilled hundreds of metres deep into the earth at the site of a former tip, near the A55. Conwy’s planning committee granted permission to the scheme, despite concerns about potential pollution and methane. Robertson Geologging Limited were granted permission for the boreholes that will be used as geophysical sensors at the north-west side of the new Tre Morfa Enterprise Park in Conwy, at a meeting at Bodlondeb.

The company will also erect a building at the site for personnel, together with new parking.

The land, which was used as a  landfill site between 1968 and 1977, is bounded to the A55 to the north, Morfa Business Park to the west, and Springfield Day Nursery, Conwy FC, and homes on Penmaen Road and Mona Road to the south.

The boreholes will be located on the southern part of the site.

Two of the boreholes will be 250m deep and one up to 100m in depth.

But Conwy’s head environment officer raised concerns the area was a former landfill site and the boreholes could create ‘pollution pathways’.

After the concerns were raised, the company submitted amended plans, detailing ‘gas protection’ measures of the proposed building due to the potential presence of methane.

The environment officer also requested that the applicant confirmed the method of borehole installation would prevent any ground gas from migrating.

The company says it is enjoying sustained growth but has outgrown its existing small and dated facility at York Road in Deganwy.

The application states, “The on-site test facility is a critical part of the final product test and verification process prior to equipment being shipped to customers worldwide. The proposed building would be used by personnel during testing activity, together with the siting of a small crane/hoist required to raise/lower equipment into the boreholes.”

Cllr David Jones proposed councillors backed the plans in line with officers’ recommendation, and this was seconded by Cllr Kay Redhead, and the vote was unanimous.