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Conwy County recycles a million coffee pods

CONWY Council Borough Council is celebrating more than 1 million coffee pods being recycled from the county. Working with local charity Crest and pod recycling specialists Podback, the Council’s fortnightly coffee pod recycling collection has saved 16.4 tonnes from waste incineration.

The County-wide service was the first of its kind to launch in Wales when collections started in September 2022. More than 2900 households have signed up to the service and are recycling their plastic and aluminium coffee pods at home. Residents are provided with Podback recycling bags to fill, and then put them out on their fortnightly textiles and electricals kerbside collection day for Crest to collect, or book a collection with Crest if they live in a rural area.

Cabinet member for Neighbourhood and the Environment, Councillor Geoff Stewart says: “We are delighted that residents have recycled over 1 million coffee pods already. We were the first council in Wales to introduce the Podback coffee pod recycling service and this milestone shows how much people value this service. Podback is funding the service, so it is cost neutral and an excellent way for us to improve our service to residents.”

Podback is a nationwide recycling service created by the biggest names in coffee pod systems, Nespresso, NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto and Tassimo, and supported by more than 25 coffee pod brands. Once collected, the coffee pods are sent to specialist recycling plants within the UK, (aluminium pods are reprocessed in Cheshire. Plastic pods are reprocessed in East Yorkshire). The plastic and aluminium is transformed into new products, including packaging, car components and building products, while the coffee grounds are treated and processed by local anaerobic digestion facilities to create renewable energy and soil improver.

Recycling uses less energy than manufacturing from raw materials, saving natural resources and reducing carbon emissions generated by throwing items away in landfill and even incineration.

Podback’s Executive Director Rick Hindley says: “Recycling one million pods is an impressive milestone for Conwy to have reached, and we’re delighted that the Podback service has been so well-received and well-supported by residents across the County. With over 80% of coffee pod brands sold in the UK now included in the Podback service, we hope more households will sign up and recycle their pods through the kerbside service.”