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Council confirms new Rhos-on-Sea kiosks structures storm proof

Conwy County Council has applied to its own planning department, seeking permission to construct the new concessions kiosks on the Cayley Promenade

NEW seaside kiosks in Rhos-on-Sea have been approved, following Conwy County Council agreeing that the structures will withstand bad weather.

The planning application was approved by Conwy’s planning committee at a Bodlondeb meeting this week after the matter was deferred last month when officers wanted reassurance the new structures were storm proof.

The new kiosks will now be built on the west promenade in place of the old kiosks as part of the multi-million-pound phase 2B of the Colwyn Bay flood defence and public realm improvements, as long as Welsh Water are happy with the plans.

That’s because Welsh Water want to ensure they have access to nearby sewers.

Conwy’s highways department has also advised a condition on delivery times, to ensure traffic visibility on the stretch is maintained.

Speaking at a planning committee meeting, Conwy’s head of planning Ceri Thomas said the matter had been deferred to sort out the three issues.

“There is a sewer running close to one of the kiosks, and as a result, Welsh Water has issued a holding direction to further investigate the impact of the construction of the kiosk on the sewer. That matters still awaits resolution,” he said.

“The second matter is that we were awaiting comments from the highway authority. We have received a representation from a third party which was reported to the planning committee at the last meeting, which identified concerns of the possibility that delivery vans could park close to a junction thereby affecting visibility.

“We appreciate this is a replacement kiosk, so it isn’t introducing additional traffic into the area, but in order to ensure the delivery vehicles do not obstruct visibility, the highways officer has suggested a condition relating to delivery times, and that is between the month of May and September. Deliveries would be carried out outside the hours of 11 am to 7 pm. This is essentially during the times when traffic is busiest.”

He added: “In relation to the matter of the storm proofing of the kiosk, we have received further structural information, and we don’t propose to take that matter any further.”

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Cllr Stephen Price proposed councillors followed planning officers’ recommendations, and this was seconded by Cllr Alan Hunter. The committee voted unanimously in favour of the development.