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Llandudno sea glider plans supported to link Wales and England

Electric-powered air gliders could transport people between Llandudno and Liverpool.

ELECTRIC-POWERED sea gliders could be used to glide tourists into Llandudno from Liverpool.

The idea is just one of several proposals backed by Conwy County Council in its 10-year plan for the seaside town to help target external funds such as pots of money available from Welsh Government.

The council report lists the sea gliders – together with a revitalised paddling pool, an outdoor event space at Bodafon fields, cruise-liner routes, cultural events, and options to restore sand to the North Shore Beach – as part of its plot to revitalise the town.

Conwy’s economy and place overview and scrutiny committee met at the council’s Bodlondeb HQ to discuss Llandudno’s 10-year regeneration plan, a report of over 130 pages documenting how the town can be reinvigorated.

Also backed at the same meeting was the Conwy Destination Management Plan.

The plan outlines ideas that could make Llandudno a distinctive and desirable place to live, invest, do business, and visit.

The report says the plans, projects, and initiatives listed within it are aspirational and that external funding will be sought to deliver them.

Cllr Louise Emery said she had been told the rate of vacant shops in the town was now under 5% and was excited about the plans.

“We have to hold on to the fact that Llandudno is an incredibly popular place, ” she said.

“Yes, it does look a bit tired at the edges. Yes, we can provide a better visitor amenity, more toilets, wi-fi, etc. I feel very hopeful because we’ve got some crazy ideas. I love the electric-powered sea gliders to Liverpool and back.

“But within those crazy ideas there’s also really genuine projects.”

She then said more could be done to work with outside investors, the town council, and community groups.

She added, “I feel really positive that we will go out and get this money with the whole community together. Brilliant report.”

Cllr Tom Mongomery said, “It is about working with private businesses to achieve a lot of this. I think it’s a great report. It’s great to see so much opportunity for Llandudno.”

Cllr Goronwy Edwards is Conwy’s cabinet member for roads and facilities and said rail links into the town needed to be improved.

Cllr Goronwy Edwards said, “Llandudno is a very important part of Conwy’s infrastructure and attraction. But certainly as far as Llandudno, I would like to see our AMs and MPs pushing for the Network Rail and the rail companies of this country to look at Llandudno again. We know that Virgin introduced a service that came into Llandudno and an awful lot of money was spent on the station.  It is unfortunate that still most of the visitors come into Conwy via car or coach. Let’s try and get a better service directly into Llandudno.”

The report will now go to cabinet.