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Armed Police to conduct training at Welsh holiday park

ARMED police are scheduled to conduct training at a Welsh holiday park this week, reassuring local residents that there is no cause for alarm.

The North Wales Police will utilise the Pontins site in Prestatyn for training purposes. This holiday park, established in 1971, abruptly closed its doors last November and has remained unoccupied since then.

Following discussions, the police force reached an agreement with the park’s owners to utilise the site for training exercises, aiding officers in preparing for real-life scenarios. It is understood that armed units will participate in these sessions.

However, authorities have clarified that this initiative is not prompted by any specific threat or concern related to holiday parks or similar establishments.

A spokesperson for the North Wales Police stated, “Our police officers frequently engage in essential training to enhance their preparedness for real-world situations. This particular exercise is not a response to any specific threat.”

The training sessions are scheduled to occur on Tuesday (May 7) and Friday (May 10) at the former Pontins site in Prestatyn—a location that has been utilised in recent weeks for similar purposes.

Reassuring the public, the spokesperson added, “There is absolutely no need for concern. This is a secure, closed-off site managed safely by our instructors. We appreciate your patience and understanding in advance.”