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Council could decide not to accept advertising for fossil fuel products/companies

Mold Bypass Roundabout (Pic: Google Map)

A COUNCIL may change its policy on advertising to not accept sponsorship from fossil fuel products/companies in Flintshire.

An update on the Roundabout Portfolio Sponsorship Policy will be looked into at the next Climate Change Committee meeting on Tuesday, November 28.

The update may see a change to the council’s advertising policy, which would mean that they would not accept sponsorship from fossil fuel products/companies.

The roundabout sponsorship scheme is intended to raise the quality of the environment by improving the appearance of roundabouts; improve the image of the county as a vibrant and high-quality location for business; and promote the range of high quality businesses already located here.

A report into the scheme described Flintshire as a “successful prime location for business” and highlighted that the position of the county has helped.

It said: “ Flintshire has close links to all major road networks, rail links, airports and ease of access to North Wales and the North West Cheshire borders making it an ideal area to locate and promote businesses.”

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Under the scheme, companies will be able to sponsor a roundabout in the county, including their name, logo, and website as well as highlight a particular service or product.

The report stated that the sponsorship funds will go towards the maintenance and development of the roundabouts and wider regeneration that would make a significant impact on the area.

The roundabouts have been banded into two groups to reflect location and traffic flows, with different costs. These are:

Band A – £2,958.43 per annum
Band B – £2,958.43 per annum

However, the report states that this policy does not currently reflect the council’s commitment to become a net zero council by 2030, and support and influence decarbonisation across the wider county.

It said: “Within the ‘Notes on Sponsorship’ section, the policy details criteria around the selection of companies. This section gives the opportunity to detail the council’s position on company selection in line with carbon ambitions.

“A new bullet point could be added:

“- In line with FCC’s ambition to decarbonise the council’s assets and services, and encourage and influence the wider county to decarbonise, the council will not be supporting fossil fuel companies or companies that provide fossil fuel products. This allows the council to show its support towards companies that share its ambitions towards climate change mitigation and adaptation.”

The report does highlight the risk that this could mean a loss of potential investment from fossil fuel companies as a result of this amendment.

Councillors are recommended to support the amendment to the Roundabout Portfolio Sponsorship policy in line with net zero carbon commitments.