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Plans to transform timber yard near Mold into 15 holiday lodges approved

The timber yard in Nercwys (Pic: planning documents)

PLANS to turn a timber yard near Mold into a site for more than a dozen holiday lodges have been given the green light.

An application was made in November to change the use of the storage facility at Ffordd Glyndwr, Nercwys, so that 15 tourist lodges could be situated there.

Applicants Siberian Timber (UK) Ltd said the proposed ‘high specification’ holiday lodges would support the local tourism industry.

The land, in part, is currently used for the storage of timber and timber products.

The scheme has now been approved by officials from Flintshire Council after similar proposals were refused earlier last year.

In a report, planning officer James Beattie said previous issues had been dealt with in the latest application.

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He said: “It is acknowledged that the impact of similar forms of development have been previously considered to have an acceptable impact upon the character and appearance of the locality.

“With the removal of the ecologically sensitive areas from the developable area any detrimental impact is further mitigated against.

“In general, it is noted that the development has been designed to limit its impact upon the landscape as much as possible, with low profile lodges and the use of landscaping to ameliorate the visual impact of the development.

“The impact of the proposal can also be weighed against the visual impact of the existing timber storage yard use.

“Whilst the proposed use utilises more of the site it is considered to be a more appropriate form of development for this location.

“Given the relative scale of the development and location of the site relative to surrounding development, it is considered that the impact of the proposal upon the character of the area, as well as to neighbouring amenity, is acceptable.

He added: “It is considered that with the benefit of the extra information submitted with this application the previous objections have been overcome.

“The proposal is in accordance with the relevant development plan policies and subject to the identified conditions is considered to be acceptable.”

The proposals were approved by the council’s chief planning officer Andrew Farrow using delegated powers.