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Free North Wales business event

In partnership with North Wales Tourism, TCD Energy is holding a FREE Energy Clinic for Hospitality and Tourism Businesses in North Wales.

Prepare your business for winter and avoid freezing profits with the Energy Bill Clinic, presented in collaboration with North Wales Tourism. Taking place on November 10th from 10 AM to 3 PM at the North Wales Tourism Offices in Colwyn Bay, this event offers a pre-winter “MOT” for your business.

Highlights include a free Utility Account Assessment by experts to ensure you’re not overpaying for energy, providing an opportunity to trim unnecessary costs. Attendees will also receive Winter-Ready Tips, learning essential strategies to control energy expenses during the colder months. Expert Insights will be shared on business and commercial energy, covering topics such as tariffs and contracts, empowering participants to make informed decisions and safeguard their bottom line. 

Quote from John Devine, Co-Founder of TCD Energy:

“TCD Energy is passionate about supporting local businesses to remain financially viable this winter. As temperatures are set to plummet, it’s more important than ever to make sure your business energy contracts are winter ready and the cheapest they can possibly be. We’ve been working with NWT for the last 12 months to support members with complimentary cost reduction audits. This service is completely free to all members as a small token of our appreciation for the support we’ve received in reaching and helping more businesses. If we can help just 1 local business’s bottom line and safeguard their profitability from ever increasing energy costs then it will be worth it.”