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£4m scheme benefits Aberdyfi as quay and bridge projects celebrated

The official opening of the new Aberdyfi Quay. (left-right) Councillor Berwyn Parry Jones, Gwynedd Council Cabinet Member for Engineering and YGC Department; Chairman of Gwynedd Council, Councillor Medwyn Hughes; Councillor Nia Jeffreys, Deputy Leader of the Council and the Cabinet member responsible for the Maritime Service; and Councillor Dewi Owen, local member for Aberdyfi (Pic: Cyngor Gwynedd)

THE COMPLETION of a £4M scheme to help boost a Welsh community whilst also helping protect homes against rising sea levels has been celebrated.

Two major projects in the Aberdyfi area have been marked by Cyngor Gwynedd and residents in the south Meirionnydd area.

They came together to acknowledge the completion of structural work on the Aberdyfi Quay and to mark the new Bryn Llestair footbridge.

The bridge, known by some as ‘Picnic Island bridge’, crosses the Cambrian railway line and links Aberdyfi to the surrounding hills.

The quay and the bridge were both officially opened during a short ceremony recently. It follows a programme of work which the council hopes will bring enjoyment to locals and visitors for many years to come.

The quay scheme was carried out by Cyngor Gwynedd in a project worth around £4 million. It included work in the existing wall, resurfacing, as well as improving access for those who used the water.

The project was jointly funded by the Welsh Government and Cyngor Gwynedd’s Asset Management Plan.

The financial support via the Welsh Government’s Coastal Risk Management Programme is also helping residents of the area deal with rising sea levels and aims to improve flood protection and coastal erosion for 20 properties in Aberdyfi.

The official opening of the new-look Aberdyfi Quay by the Chairman of Gwynedd Council, Councillor Medwyn Hughes and the local member for Aberdyfi, Councilor Dewi Owen (Pic: Cyngor Gwynedd)

Work on the Bryn Llestair Bridge, in the town was actually finished about a year ago, but the Council took the opportunity to celebrate the scheme.

The new bridge had replaced an older structure, which had been closed for some years due to its “poor and dangerous condition.” the council said.

Councillor Berwyn Jones, Cyngor Gwynedd’s Cabinet Member responsible for Gwynedd Consultancy Service, who led the work on the two projects in Aberdyfi, said the quay slipway was “vital” for a number of harbour activities which “contributed significantly” to Aberdyfi’s local economy.

“The scheme has been in development for some years and I am pleased to say that the work has now been completed for the benefit of all users,” he said.

He was also “pleased to see the new-look Bryn Llestair bridge” which he hoped would be “put to good use as people take advantage of the opportunity to explore this beautiful area.”

The Bryn Llestair Footbridge. In the picture is the Chairman of Gwynedd Council, Councilor Medwyn Hughes; Cabinet Members Councilor Berwyn Parry Jones and Councilor Nia Jeffreys; the local member for Aberdyfi Councilor Dewi Owen; with Council staff and representatives from the local community (Pic: Cyngor Gwynedd)

Work on the Bryn Llestair Bridge saw a partnership involving Cyngor Gwynedd, Outward Bound, Aberdyfi Community Council, AA&I, Cardigan Bay Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG) and Network Rail.

Aberdyfi Councillor Dewi Owen added it had been a “successful, and collaborative project” which had seen local groups working together for the benefit of the town.

“We all got together round the table and discussed how we could make it the improvements happen, everybody seemed to agree it would be good for the town to improve the bridge, it all came together really well.

“The old, rickety wooden bridge had been closed for about three or four years, it will be used by lots of people, especially in the summer months.

“It will be especially better for children and people using outward bound centre, it has helped improve safety of the route and it will be more convenient for local people.”

Pont Bryn Llestair, at Aberdyfi (Pic: Cyngor Gwynedd)