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North Wales Young Researchers Competition

THE FINALISTS of the first-ever North Wales Young Researchers Competition gathered in Penrhyn Hall, in Bangor, on Saturday the 9th of March to present their findings.

This was the final round of an event, supported by SEREN, which required A-Level and AS students from the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) to undertake some private research and then to communicate their findings via printed communication boards and discussions with members of the public.

The competition was the brainchild of former Bangor student Laura Hanks, now a senior researcher at Lancaster University and a STEM for Britain Silver award winner.

Laura said, “I wanted to give students from North Wales the sort of experience that is not normally open to them until they reach third year of University. Taking part in this event will help students stand out when applying for University and give them a head start when they get there.”

The regional finals, the first of its kind anywhere in the country for students of this level, were hosted by Bangor City Council and competitors and delegates were welcomed by the Mayor, Councillor Elin Walker Jones, who also presented the four category winners later in the afternoon in Bangor University’s Pontio building.

The prize-winning submissions were:

Lloyds Bank Group Prize for Best Innovative Idea – ‘Virtual Photon Intensifier: A modern take on stealth communication.’
Best Verbal Scientific Communication Award supported by Network Rail – ‘Exploration of the potential benefits of ‘Organ on a Chip’ Technology.’
Hynamics/EDF Award for Best Visual Scientific Communication – ‘How ‘Smart pills’ can revolutionise diagnoses and treatments in medicine.’
Additional Award from Bangor City Council Award for Outstanding Knowledge – ‘Securing Everyday Transactions with Quantum-Resistant Encryption.’

The winners in each of the 4 categories with the Mayor of Bangor, organisers and representatives of the main sponsors.