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Residents oppose Llandudno Hotel’s 24-hour alcohol licence plans

Llandudno Bay Hotel

RESIDENTS are campaigning against an application for a Llandudno hotel to sell booze 24 hours a day.

One47 Group Limited has applied to Conwy County Council’s licensing department, seeking permission to supply alcohol at the Llandudno Hotel on Church Walks.

The group, which also runs the One47 club, wants permission to supply alcohol on the premises between 9 am and 11 pm Monday to Sunday and open to the public between 9 am and 11.59 pm.

But the business has also applied for permission to sell alcohol to people staying in the hotel and their guests 24 hours a day.

Residents say, if granted, the application could turn the hotel into a ‘drinking den’.

Now residents on Tudno Street and Church Walks have formed a group objecting to the plans.

But the hotel said that this was strictly for guests and was not a way to “entice” people in to drink late at night.

Resident Kevin Feintuck has lived on Tudno Street for the past five years and criticised the application.

“People are really worried,” he said. “We are concerned about noise and an increase in public nuisance. The alleys are already used as toilets.

“We are worried people will be coming and going all hours of the day and night and about noise and disturbance. Parking is already very tight in the area. There will be more vehicles, and we are very concerned about public safety.”

He added: “People are worried about anti-social behaviour.”

A spokesman for the residents’ group said the hotel could become ‘an all-night drinking den’. He said: “We are all in favour of the new owners turning the hotel into a successful, well-run facility.

“Serving drinks to residents during regular hours might help that, but these plans are very different. If the application succeeds, it could wreck the quality of life for dozens of us. A decent, well-run hotel – yes. All-night drinking for supposed guests of residents – a definite no.”

A spokesman for the hotel said: “The main reason we applied for this licence is we are hoping to get the kitchen up and going, getting a really good chef and putting out some really good food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Alcohol is key to most restaurants these days, hence the application.

“The Llandudno Hotel is set in a good catchment area to entice members of the public in for good food. We are a business like anyone else just trying to survive.

“Our track record of buying businesses and investing thousands of pounds into them to revive them is proven in the past. The 24 hour licence is strictly for guests only, and the alcohol can only be served if a member of staff is on duty which there most likely won’t be, we put that on the application as you’ll find most hotels do.

“It is in no way to entice people to drink until all hours of the morning. We have been invited to a hearing regarding this application and we will be pushing for the licence to serve alcohol at the standard times of 11am to 11pm but we are happy to walk away from the 24 hour licence if this works with the local residents as we are committed to working with them and supporting them by taking any concerns or worries they may have. At the end of the day, we are a business, trying to survive and and invest in the hotel and make Llandudno a great destination to come to.”

The plans are due to be discussed at a future licensing committee meeting.