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Response policing week of action

THIS week we are supporting an initiative by the National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC) to recognise and celebrate the work of response police officers.

The National Response Policing ‘Week of Action’ will see a special emphasis being given on wellbeing, making officers aware of the resources that are available to them that can help to address important issues such as fatigue and resilience.

The NPCC has worked with Oscar Kilo, the National Police Wellbeing Service (NPWS), the College of Policing and the Police Federation, to deliver a range of initiatives, co-ordinated specifically for response officers’ needs.

Officers in response teams never know what situations they’ll be faced with when they come into work each day. They have to be prepared to deal with a wide range of incidents, including complex and sometimes confrontational situations. No two days are the same, and officers in these roles come from many different backgrounds and work in a variety of environments.

Assistant Chief Constable Chris Allsop, North Wales Police’ Lead on Response Policing said: “Response officers are often the youngest in service, the first to respond to danger and often the first officer that members of the public come into contact with – that is why this week is so important to say thank you for their dedicated professionalism and courage.

“Of course we value our teams throughout the year and their work does not go unnoticed – it’s a tough role, physically and mentally and I am privileged to have worked alongside Response officers throughout my career and I am passionate about supporting and recognising their successes.

“On behalf of the organisation I would like to thank all of our response officers. You do incredible things every single day to help safeguard our communities and I am proud to lead on this area of work on behalf of North Wales Police.”

Social media followers can follow the #ResponsePolicing hashtag to learn more about the week of action.