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Trophy Parade: How to make the most of tonight’s parade, and cheer on the champions!

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Wrexham AFC’s bus parade takes place tonight, Tuesday May 2, with players and staff from our title-winning, newly-promoted men’s and women’s first team set to depart from the Racecourse Ground at 6.15pm.

With between 15,000 and 20,000 supporters expected to descend on the city centre, please see the key information below on what to expect, and how to best enjoy the evening. We are encouraging crowds to spread themselves along the route to ensure a good view of the buses and players.


What is the route of the bus parade?

The map below details the route of the bus parade, which will leave the Racecourse Ground at 6.15pm. The players will be driven along the route into the city centre, before returning. You can see the full route here.


Do I need a ticket?

No, the trophy parade is free to attend.

Where should I stand to see the players?

We encourage all supporters to line themselves along the full distance of the route in order to ensure everybody has the best chance of seeing the players.

Can I bring flags and banners?

YES! Please bring flags and banners and show your colours, and be loud and proud to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of both our men’s and women’s first teams.

Are flares and pyrotechnics permitted?

No. Anyone attending this event should be aware that there are offences around the possession and use of fireworks in a public place which includes flares and smoke bombs.  There will be many people including families and young children attending this event. Please think of those around you and NWP will be gathering evidence and investigating offences where appropriate.


Where will the accessible viewing area be located?

Wheelchair accessible viewing areas will be set-up on Mold Road outside the Racecourse Ground, and also at the top of High Street in the city centre. These will be available on a first-come, first-viewed basis.


Where will the medical area be located?

There will be a medical area located on Mold Road, and another on the Waterworld car park in the city centre.

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Is there an area for lost children?

Event and medical staff are trained to deal with such matters. The meeting points will be in line with the medical areas above, with one on the Mold Road and one at Waterworld.

Road closures

Roads will be closed along the route from 6.15pm, and will re-open as soon as it is safe to do so.