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Wrexham: Council refuses plans for 33 new homes in Acrefair

PLANS to build more than 30 homes on land in the Acrefair area of Wrexham have been rejected by the council.

Wrexham Council’s planning committee followed recommendations to refuse proposals which would have seen 33 new houses built on a former landfill site off Bethania Road in the village.

Authority planning officers gave the committee five reasons to turn down the application, ranging from potential land contamination concerns to the impact it could have on the highways.

A highways officer report read by councillors stated that the applicant had put forward a potential footway solution through nearby woodland, but that land appears to be outside their ownership.

It said: “The highway officer notes that Bethania Road would be the primary route for accessing the application site from the wider highway network.

“Bethania Road is narrow in places, including at its junction with Chapel Street. The width of the road does not allow for a footway to be provided along its entire length.

“The highway officer advises that the applicant’s proposed footway appears to be on land outside of their control and through woodland with unknown gradients.

“Whilst the proposed footway may provide a direct link to bus stops, it would not prevent pedestrian flows to and from the site along Bethania Road, for example, parents and children walking to school.

“The highway officer raises no concern about the site access onto Bethania Road, confirming adequate visibility is achievable.”

A number of objections had been received prior to the meeting from Cefn Community Council and Acrefair North Councillor Paul Blackwell (Lab) in addition to those of the highways officer.

Having given his apologies, in Cllr Blackwell’s absence adjoining ward member Pant Cllr Stella Matthews (Lab) spoke on his behalf against the proposal at the meeting.

She said: “It’s across the road from my own ward.

“I have spoken to the officer about concerns that have been raised with me locally by one of the sports clubs that have used that site in the past and we can see in the report the concerns that have been raised by the community council.

“There have also been issues raised on the density of the build and the access onto the Llangollen Road.”

Five reasons for refusal were given in the recommendations to councillors which were;

  • Potential increased traffic at the junction of Bethania Road and Llangollen Road which has substandard visibility.
  • Inadequate footways along Bethania Road to and from the site, making it potentially unsafe for pedestrians.
  • Possible adverse impacts upon protected species.
  • A lack of information about potential land contamination.
  • A lack of detail about an appropriate contribution to local education facilities.

The planning committee unanimously rejected the application.