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Plans for new off-licence in Cefn Fforest sparks concerns about anti-social behavour

The Stonehouse in Cefn Fforest (Pic: CCBC)

PLANS for a new off-licence in Cefn Fforest have sparked concerns about antisocial behaviour.

Applicant Rouble Mann wants to sell alcohol from a new corner shop on the site of the former Stonehouse pub, on Bryn Road.

His business, SS Enterprise Store Ltd, will use CCTV, a Challenge 25 age verification policy, and staff training to ensure booze is sold responsibly, documents show.

But Caerphilly County Borough Council’s licensing sub-committee has also heard how the off-licence plans have sparked some local opposition.

Two residents of nearby housing complex Fitzroy Lodge have raised traffic concerns, telling the council “there are enough accidents happening on those crossroads as it is”.

They also shared fears an off-licence could cause safety problems, and “older people” living in the area “will be afraid to go out”.

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Another resident told the council there were “many alcoholics and druggies” in the area, adding that she was concerned about “what troubles can arise with alcohol abuse”.

Ward councillor Marina Chacon-Dawson also objected to the proposal “based on the likely public nuisance and public safety”.

She described the proposed hours of alcohol sale, 8am-11pm each day, as “excessive”.

But submissions from Gwent Police and the council’s licensing department offered no objections to the off-licence plan.

PC Adrian Jones said two of his police colleagues had visited the premises, and the applicant had “provided several conditions at the application stage that will promote the [council’s] four licensing objectives”.

Gwent Police has proposed some “re-wording” of those conditions, which if agreed by the applicant would secure the force’s “support” for the plans.

Kathryn Hopkins, the council’s senior licensing officer, said her department backed the representations put forward by the police.

The council’s licensing sub-committee considered the off-licence application on Monday January 22 and will announce their decision within five working days.