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Caerphilly Health South Wales

Warning some traders ‘switching off fridges overnight’ to cut costs

Stock picture of supermarket fridges (Pic: Squirrel_photos via Pixabay)

THE RISING cost of energy is reportedly pushing some traders to cut corners with food safety by turning off fridges overnight.

Caerphilly Council’s environmental health manager warned incidents of food poisoning could get “more serious” if products were not safely refrigerated.

Speaking at a council cabinet meeting, Ceri Edwards noted reports of traders taking risks to save money were happening “not just in Caerphilly county but… Wales as a whole”.

She said there had been “one or two issues” with fridges being switched off locally, and “certainly across Wales that has been reported”.

She added: “In terms of food safety, we are trying to get the message across to all food business operators that they have to take this seriously”.

Ms Edwards said the “chill chain” of products had to be ensured so that food “doesn’t fluctuate in temperature and therefore allow bacteria to grow”.

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Any business owners experiencing problems with costs and food safety “need to come and speak to us and we will try to help them as pragmatically as we possibly can”, she added.

Council leader Sean Morgan said it was “very dangerous” and “scary” to hear that “the cost-of-living crisis was hitting so hard that” that some food business owners were taking such risks with their fridges.

“A fridge that is switched off is otherwise known as a cupboard,” he added.