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Aspiring Cardiff Child actress stars in latest Star Wars trailer

Aspiring Cardiff child actress stars in the latest Star Wars trailer which has been viewed over 51 million times.

Danielle Waterman, 8, who recently appeared in the hit series Call the Midwife, stars in the teaser for Star Wars: The Acolyte, which will air on Disney+ in June.

The trailer was shared to Disney’s impressive 17 million Instagram followers and broke the Lucas film record with over 51.3 million views in 24 hours, stirring up excitement amongst the Star Wars community who first saw the trailer at a convention last year.

Danielle plays a young Padawan, who, when asked what she sees when she concentrates, says ‘life’.

“Working on Star Wars: The Acolyte was brilliant,’ says Danielle. ‘It was my first big production and they treated me really well.

“I was given my own trailer and green room, next door to Rebecca Henderson and Lee Jung-Jae!

“I actually did not know Rebecca is famous, so I ended up wandering into her green room and we had a chat about the snacks that were provided- she was a lovely and friendly lady and she was happy to talk with me.

“We got used to so many crazy things: Rebecca was all green at the time, and there was also a man in a costume that looks like a monkey. It was all so unusual but so fun!

“As it was my first big production, I was amazed at how secure everything was. No-one could get pictures of outfits or any part of the set, and I have had to keep it a secret for a long time until now. When the trailer came out, I was so excited to share this with everyone.

“My mum and dad were shocked I was in the trailer and are so proud. There are other projects I have already worked on or should be working on soon which I cannot talk about, but it is all very exciting. I really enjoy acting and meeting new people.”

Danielle’s recent appearance in BBC’s Call the Midwife was praised by TV bosses for the young actress’ bravery as she faced freezing storm waters during Storm Agnes. She was labelled a ‘real trooper’ by the show’s official Instagram account, who also said she ‘received a well-deserved round of applause from the whole team for stepping into those freezing waves’.

Danielle and her older sister Charlotte (10) have been blazing a trail by securing roles in a string of high-profile TV commercials and productions.

The pair will soon star in the Opera ‘Carmen’, produced by award-winning top Opera producer Ellen Kent.

“I have never performed in a professional theatre before and this will be my first chance so it is very exciting,’ says Charlotte, who will be performing alongside the Ukrainian Opera and Ballet Theatre Kyiv at New Theatre Cardiff.

This also marks Danielle’s first Opera performance: “This will be my first time in an Opera, so it is going to be a very new experience for me. I cannot wait to perform with my sister.”