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Another car crash reported on busy Cardiff road crossing

Traffic cones at the crossing between Insole Grove East and Insole Place in Cardiff (Pic: Sean Driscoll)

ANOTHER car has crashed on a Cardiff road crossing which residents think is unsafe.

South Wales Police said they were called shortly before 4.20am on Wednesday, February 14, to a crash on Western Avenue in Llandaff.

It is the fourth crash that has taken place at the Western Avenue crossing between Insole Grove East and Insole Place since June, 2022.

A police spokesperson said yesterday: “South Wales Police was called shortly before 4.20am today concerning a report of a car in collision with the central reservation on the A48 Western Avenue in Llandaff.

“There were no reports of any injuries.”

Conservative Cardiff Council ward member for Llandaff, Cllr Sean Driscoll, said older residents and parents of children were “losing confidence” in the crossing.

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A fourth crash since June 2022 has taken place at a crossing on Western Avenue which residents are losing confidence in (Pic: Sean Driscoll)

The circumstances of the latest crash are unknown, but there were numerous calls for a clamp down on dangerous driving along Western Avenue when a car last crashed into the Insole Grove East/Insole Place crossing in February, 2023.

Cardiff Council said there was good street lighting on the road, with signals in operation and appropriate road markings and signage.

A council spokesperson said: “The speed limit has been reduced from 40mph to 30mph, and in line with procedure, we review police incident reports following a road traffic collision to assess any contributing factors, along with reviewing if there are any other measures that may be needed to improve safety.”

Three of the previous crashes at the Western Avenue crossing adjacent to Insole Grove East took place at night and were said to be due to driver error, excess speeding or drink driving.

In relation to the latest incident, a police spokesperson said: “Following the collision the driver was subject to a breath and drugs test, both of which were negative, no further action is planned.”

Cllr Driscoll said it is “fortunate” that most of the crashes have taken place at night with nobody using the crossing at the time, but he added that he would like to see a completely new crossing and vehicle-activated signs installed.

In a statement on Wednesday, he said: “There has been a number of accidents at this crossing and It’s disappointing to hear another vehicle has hit the barriers meant to protect pedestrians on the crossing. I hope no one was injured.

“I’m assured by our telematics officers who have previously checked the timings and sequences of the crossing that it’s safe.

“But older residents and parents of children who regularly use this crossing to get to local schools and shops are losing confidence in this crossing and naturally concerned for their safety.

“Following previous accidents, I’ve pushed Cardiff Council Highways for additional safety measures to be taken to improve safety at this crossing.

“We are fortunate that most of the collisions with the barriers have been late at night with nobody on the crossing at the time.

“I’d like to see a complete new crossing, but until that happens we need additional safety measures that our highways team promised me would happen.

“I was promised: Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) SLOW Road markings and daytime police enforcement patrols.

“But that’s not enough.. With the number of collisions happening at this crossing, clearly there’s an issue and something needs to be done urgently before someone is seriously injured, or worse.

“Today, I’ve written again to our Highways team to get an update on the planned improvement works for the crossing.”