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Car parking charges in Cardiff set to go up from April

DRIVERS will soon be paying more to park their cars in Cardiff.

Cardiff Council’s plans to increase on street car parking by an average of 50p per hour, as part of their proposed changes to charges and fees for 2023/24, will come into effect on Monday, April 17.

For drivers wishing to park their cars in Cardiff Civic Centre, this will mean having to pay £2.60 for an hour and £6.60 for up to five hours.

Charges for the council’s car parks will be going up by an average of £1. However, some car parks will be exempt from the increase.

There will be no increase in car parking fees at the Havannah Street car park or Barrage Car Park.

Parking permits are also set to go up in price, with the cost of first permits proposed to go from £7.50 to £24 and second permits from £30 to £54.

The price of residents’ parking permits hasn’t gone up in Cardiff since 2013.

Cardiff Council’s increased charges and fees, along with many of its other budget proposals, are aimed at reducing one of the worst financial deficits the authority has faced in years.

Despite a better than expected grant from the Welsh Government, the council still has a budget gap of £24 to bridge – a figure brought about by spiralling inflation, increased demand on services and lower than anticipated income levels.

Park and ride parking in Cardiff and parking on event days is also set for a price hike. The cost of major event park and ride parking will go from £10 to £12.

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Event day parking in the city centre will see a 33% increase, going from from £15 to £20.

There will be no changes for parking penalty charges. The current charge is £50 or £70, reduced by 50% if paid in 14 days.

For more information on car parking charges and parking in Cardiff, you can visit the Cardiff Council website here.