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Cardiff businessman helps cash-strapped families

A CARDIFF entrepreneur who escaped a war-torn country as a child has set up a new business to help families who are struggling financially to enjoy an affordable holiday.  

Rahim Bah was just 15 when he fled from Guinea, in West Africa, arriving in the UK on his own with no money and unable to speak English. He was placed in foster care and encouraged by his foster mother to work hard, eventually studying accountancy at Bournemouth University. 

After seven years working in recruitment and accountancy, he relocated to Cardiff in 2015 where he set up Bah Properties, specialising in property sales, lettings and management. He is also a business mentor and coach. 

Now married and a father of three, the 32-year-old has established a new business, FlickHoliday, to enable people to swap their homes for a short period with others who are also looking to have a holiday. 

Rahim explained: “My mission is to help anyone, regardless of their financial situation, to go on holiday to their desired location at any time, without paying for accommodation. 

“So I have created a brand new website at www.flickholiday.com where people can register their home, upload some photos and then swap their home.  

“Because we are just starting out, we now need people to upload their properties for which, other than a small booking fee once the swap has been agreed, there is no cost.  

“They will also be able to book affordable flights, car hire and local attractions, but can keep their costs to a minimum if they decide to stay in the UK. The website is available in five languages and also offers 24/7 customer service support.” 

Importantly, as part of Rahim’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and conscious consumerism, he will be donating 5% of any profit to help build homes for the homeless in Africa, to provide a shelter to a family in need. 

He has always wanted to help families achieve affordable accommodation, motivated particularly by a visit he took to Africa in 2015, where he saw the hardships faced by homeless children and families, from a lack of basic protection to the inability to attend school. 

He added: “The United Kingdom is the greatest country in the world with a caring, loving and giving society. I am truly blessed, honoured and grateful to call it my homeland.”