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Cardigan’s wastewater site expansion ‘will reduce Teifi pollution’, says Dwr Cymru

Cardigan's waste water treatment plant (Pic: Google Street View)

A PROPOSED extension to Cardigan’s wastewater treatment works will reduce the amount of pollution in the Teifi, as well as helping address a long-standing planning issue in the county, Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water has said.

Dŵr Cymru is seeking permission from Ceredigion county planners for an extension to its existing works, on open pasture land at Netpool Road, Cardigan.

A supporting statement, by agent Ove Arup and Partners Limited (Arup) says Cardigan wastewater treatment works (WwTW) currently sees seawater entering the site from the tidal Afon Teifi, especially during spring high tides.

“This results in the WwTW prematurely spilling during most high tide events (circa 200 times per annum) due to the WwTW not having the capacity needed to deal with wastewater entering the works during these events.”

It says the expansion would reduce spills of untreated effluent, improving water quality in the long-term.

The River Teifi at Cardigan (Pic: Google Street View)

“The proposed development is necessary to improve the existing Cardigan wastewater treatment works which at this time cannot cope with the peaks of salinity, making the existing WwTW back up which causes premature spills. As such, these essential upgrades are a priority for the WwTW.”

It adds: “The proposed development would contribute to the protection of the environment from the adverse effects of untreated urban wastewater from entering into the Afon Teifi and meet environmental standards set out by the regulator.”

The statement also says the scheme would address a long-standing planning issue in the county.

“The proposed development would support housing and community growth in Ceredigion through the provision of improved wastewater infrastructure.

“Current phosphate levels in the Afon Teifi Special Area of Conservation (SAC) are delaying the determination of planning applications in Ceredigion. The proposed development would provide a betterment to water quality and phosphorous levels in the SAC.

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“As such, in the absence of the proposed development, Ceredigion would be unable to sustainably support growth in accordance [with policy].”

It concludes: “The proposed development would provide essential utilities infrastructure, improving the capacity, operation and treatment of wastewater at Cardigan WwTW, and demonstrates a proactive approach to utilities infrastructure and improved resilience.

“The proposed development would result in water quality improvements and a healthier natural environment contributing to a more resilient, healthier, and globally responsive Wales.

“The expansion of the WwTW and increased treating capability would reduce spills of untreated effluent into the SAC and SSSI improving water quality in the long-term, resulting in a permanent benefit at an international level.

“The proposed development would not give rise to unacceptable flood risk on the existing site or to other surrounding areas. Nor, would it result in unacceptable levels of odour or noise which would have an impact on neighbouring amenity.”

The application will be considered by planners at a later date.