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Residents calling popular Cardiff park lake ‘fetid swamp’ that needs dredging

A generic image of the north end of Roath Park Lake taken in May 2023 (Pic: Google Maps)

CARDIFF Council has reaffirmed that dredging a popular city lake likened to a “fetid swamp” will be considered in the future.

Residents have criticised the state of Roath Park Lake which appears stagnant and filled up with silt at the north end.

People have called it a “disgrace”, an “unsightly mess” and suggested there could be an increase in mosquitoes during the summer months in a discussion on the social media site, Nextdoor.

Outdoor Cardiff is currently developing a planning application for the redevelopment of the dam at the south end of Roath Park to protect it from the risk of flooding.

Cardiff Council, which is responsible for the maintenance of the dam, said the potential future dredging of the lake will be considered as part of this scheme.

One post on Nextdoor by a Cardiff resident claims that silting in the lake has been exacerbated by building work in the north of the city.

A council spokesperson said: “The council is aware of residents’ concerns around the silt that flows downstream and is deposited in Roath Park Lake, and the potential to dredge the lake will be considered as part of the wider Roath Park Dam project.

“The need to ensure the future effectiveness of the dam at Roath Park Lake is completely separate to the issue of silt.

“However, the extensive works expected to be required as part of the Roath Park Dam project could offer an opportunity to minimise the high costs and disruption associated with dredging.”

The council said the current spillway at the dam is not big enough to withstand an extreme flooding event.

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Engineering consultancy firm Arup was appointed to undertake a study to explore the best options for the dam.

The preferred option, presented to residents and stakeholders in 2022, is to replace the current spillway with a wider and deeper one and add a flood wall along the promenade.

It is hoped the scheme will also include a new open seating area next to the Terra Nova cafe.