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Massive fire engulfs Bridgend industrial estate: Emergency services at scene

A COLOSSAL fire has erupted at Bridgend Industrial Estate in Coychurch, South Wales, with eyewitnesses reporting multiple explosions and a significant emergency response underway. The fire, which began in the late evening, has sent alarm through the community, as it continues to rage unabated.

Local residents first noticed the inferno around 8.45pm, with the blaze becoming visible across Bridgend. Scott Davies, a resident, described the scene to Herald.Wales: “The flames and smoke were enormous, and you could smell the toxic fumes. It’s at an old factory, covering a large area. The extent of the impact on businesses is currently unknown.”

Multiple explosions were reported, adding to the severity of the situation. Former Bridgend mayor Freya Sykes urged the public to avoid the area and expressed concern for both the community and emergency crews. “I’m really worried about our emergency crews tonight dealing with this. Those bangs are explosions on the estate,” she said.

South Wales West MS, Tom Giffard, described the view from his window as ‘scary’, as fire crews battled the flames. Beth Edwards, a local resident, remarked, “Not a good night in Bridgend. This fire is really serious.” An ambulance driver who passed by the scene noted the intense heat and visible smoke even from a distance.

South Wales Fire & Rescue Service has deployed 10 appliances, including aerial platforms and specialist officers, after receiving a call at 8.22pm. As the fire can be seen from as far as 15 miles away, they have advised residents to keep doors and windows closed and to stay away from the area.

This incident is the latest in a series of fires in South Wales. Recently, an explosion and fire at a gym in Treforest resulted in a fatality. Additionally, a nursery in Newport was destroyed by fire just four days ago.

South Wales Police have yet to release details but have echoed calls for the public to avoid the area. The South Wales Fire and Rescue Service has been approached for further comment.

The situation remains fluid, and further updates are expected as emergency services continue to respond to this major incident.