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Merthyr Tydfil Council launches recycling project for electrical goods

Merthyr Tydfil Civic Centre

PLANS have been unveiled for community recycling bins for electrical goods in Merthyr Tydfil.

Merthyr Tydfil Council’s Small Electricals Recycling Project has been launched in the hope that residents will get behind its drive to recycle their electricals.

The project aims to educate and inform residents how to recycle small electrical items, and also provide community recycling bins in flats and council buildings across the borough.

This is one of more than 40 UK projects funded by Material Focus, the not for profit leading the Recycle Your Electricals campaign, which has provided £14,500 for Merthyr Tydfil’s Small Electricals Recycling Project.

Leaflets and posters will tell residents about how and where they can recycle their electricals. QR codes will be displayed on each bin, allowing residents to book a collection when ready.

The aim of the nationwide Electricals Recycling Fund is to significantly reduce e-waste and its environmental impact by making it easier for people to recycle their electricals.

The projects that have been funded by Material Focus include kerbside collections, drop-off points in schools and community centres, and bring banks. Overall, there will be over 400 new collection points and kerbside collections across the UK.

Recycle Your Electricals said research has shown that 80% of consumers believe recycling is a good thing, and many people already recycle things like paper and plastic.

It said research has also shown that most people have unwanted electricals they want to get rid of, with millions of electrical items hoarded in UK homes.

It said 39% of people bin electricals rather than recycle them and say it’s simply too hard to recycle. The aim of these projects is to make it easier.

Councillor David Hughes, cabinet member for neighbourhood services said: “This is an excellent project for Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council, and provides further options for our residents to recycle.

“The monitoring and educational element of the campaign is a crucial way for us to inform householders of how to deal with their electrical and electronic waste in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way.”

Scott Butler, executive director of Material Focus said: “We are pleased to support Merthyr Tydfil’s Small Electrical Recycling Project that addresses the pressing issue of e-waste.

“By investing in improved collection and drop-off services and exploring new recycling methods, we are taking a significant step towards creating a more sustainable future by making it easier for 10 million more people to recycle their electricals.”