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More than 30 people object to HMO plans in Trelewis

Maen Gilfach In Trelewis (Pic: Google Maps)

MORE than 30 people have objected to plans for an HMO in the Trelewis area of Merthyr Tydfil.

The plan is for the change of use from a house to a house in multiple occupancy with five bedrooms in Maen Gilfach.

The planning report going before the committee on Thursday, April 11, said no physical alterations were proposed to the exterior of the property.

All physical alterations are contained to the interior of the property and they are proposed to enable the house to accommodate five bedrooms for five people with a communal kitchen area, bathroom and living/dining room/

There were 36 letters of objection from the public which raised concerns in relation to parking provision, the impact upon highway safety and that the proposed development would result in an over intensification of the use of the dwelling which was not in-keeping with the character of the area with Bedlinog and Trelewis Community Council also raising concerns over parking and anti-social behaviour.

In recommending approval and responding to the concerns raised, planning officers said in their report that the proposed development had been considered against the relevant policies of the Local Development Plan and requirements of national planning policy and no conflict had been identified.

In respect of the impact upon the character of the area, they said the land was within a residential area, had an existing residential use and this would be unchanged therefore no objection was raised in this respect.

They said there were no HMOs in this area so it was not considered that the introduction of one would have any significant change to the character of the area that would warrant concern and therefore it had not been possible to identify an unacceptable impact that would warrant the refusal of this application.

They added that this would remain as residential and the number of occupiers would be limited to five so this was not considered to result in an over intensification of the use or to have any unacceptable adverse impact upon the living conditions of neighbouring occupiers.

They highlighted that up to six adults could occupy the property without triggering a change of use which had been given significant weight in the assessment of this application.

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They said the change in the use of the property to a HMO would not require a greater provision of parking than the existing use and because a greater level of occupancy could occur at this property without the need for planning consent it was not considered justified or necessary to condition that off street parking be provided.

The report added: “As the site is within the settlement boundary and given its proximity to an existing bus route it is considered that the stance of national policy further adds to the justification for not providing off street parking provision.

“The proposal has been considered by the head of engineering and highways who raises no objection to the proposal in relation to highway safety and recognises that a shortfall of parking provision exists and would not be exacerbated by the proposed development.”