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Solar panels plans in Wye Valley approved

A view to the west from the spot where it planned to place solar panels (Pic: Monmouthshire County Council planning file)

TWO rows of solar panels are to be placed in the garden of a house in the Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. 

Monmouthshire County Council’s delegated planning panel has approved the application by Richard Clarke for the ground-mounted array of 20 solar panels at the southern boundary of the garden and will power the house named Springfield Farm on Hoop Road near Penallt. 

It has been agreed the two banks of 10 panels, that will be 2.2 metres off the ground and 11.3m wide by 2.9m long, will be moved away from a footpath, as originally planned, following comments from the council’s rights of way officer. 

There will also be planting around the panels, which will not impact its performance, to mitigate the impact on views from the footpath and a neighbouring house.